Tropical landscape and palm trees



In order for a landscape to provide a wow visual effect to viewer, a landscape design must be drafted prior to installing the plants, trees, rocks, water falls and all other landscaping elements.

Every design must be aproached after discussing the customer requirements and needs. Working together with the customer and listening to their ideas, a landscape designer can decide which plants, trees, rocks, etc to integrate in the design. Another important factor consider must be the cost. Living in a desert area, the water preservation is also taken into consideration with every new landscape process.

A landscape design can be drafted on paper and/or on computer using specialized landscaping programs. After gathering all the necessary information, the landscape designer should provide the customer a blue print and, in some cases, a computer generated render of their future newly landscaped yard. A photographic render will provide a visual understanding of the future landscape and, thus, customer can request any changes prior to the landscape installation.

Since each design requires specific treatment, we will provide you with all the detailed information so that you can better understand the overall plan and get the bigger picture of what is going to happen. Depending on the design, our specialists will make sure that every step required is accomplished but will also make sure that you will be offered permanent support and specific advice.

Tropical and desert landscaping are part of our current offer and you can request free estimates any time you want. Our experts’ promptitude will help you have your backyard finished as soon as possible, depending on dimensions and other customer's expectations. Concerning the tropical designs, our experienced specialists will to meet all your expectations. We are able to turn your backyard into an enjoyable, relaxing place so that you can get the best out of a tropical landscape.

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