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Desert Landscaping and Artificial Turf


Quality comes first everytime we start a new project, reason for which we always choose to do our job smarter, not harder. You can either count on our own landscaping design and ideas or simply tell us what you want and we'll do everything it stands to meet your expectations.

And since we've gathered years of experience of landscaping, we are able to give you some advice about watering a desert landscape. Below you can consult a complete schedule of watering throughout the seasons. Make sure you respect all of these, otherwise you might face unexpected situations.

Mandatory Watering Schedule
Watering Group Winter
A Monday Monday, Wednesday, Friday Any Day
B Tuesday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Any Day
C Wednesday Monday, Wednesday, Friday Any Day
D Thursday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Any Day
E Friday Monday, Wednesday, Friday Any Day
F Saturday Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Any Day



Finding the plants and trees that perfectly match a desert landscaping can be very hard. That's why we provide you with everything you need in order to turn your backyard into a real desert space. Our experienced specialists pay attention to lots of details so that you can get the best out of a desert landscaping.

Designing your backyard in a desert style might be a real challenge if you want to do it by yourself. This means that in order to have the landscape of your dreams you should ask for clear advice as well as for many other technical details. Our landscaping specialists will therefore be glad to present you the best solution so that you can be very proud of both your house and backyard.

There is nothing more enjoyable than creating a mini-oasis around your house able to relax you more than anything else. Not only we provide you with specific services, but we are also trying to make your backyard look like a real desert, choosing the right plants for your garden.

If done well, a desert landscape can last for long periods of time. We offer you the possibility to ask for a free request and let us do all the measurements required and get all the information needed in order to build you a unique desert landscape. Just remember that we only offer landscaping services in Las Vegas region.

Take advantage of our landscaping services and offers or simply call (702) 605 0021 for a free estimate.

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