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Tropical Landscapes

Dreaming of a Tropical vacation with beautiful palm trees and the calming sound of water falling or water waves? You can have a similar scenery in your back yard.

A creative landscape designer can integrate elements of a tropical landscape into a landscape design based on your yard shape and size, without making your landscape look "overloaded". Water falls, ponds, palm trees, plants and shrubs positioned in an harmonious way will provide comfortable "tropical escapes" and a great place to entertain friends and family.


Tropical landscapes can be realized in narrow areas too. Small, narrow areas create an additional challenge for the landscaper, however with vertical elements, a tropical landscape can be implemented. Start by marking the pathway or walkway, so visitors will not wonder into your planters. Spreading shredded bark or small stones on the path will keep the weeds from growing in the walkway.

A small fence or bamboo pieces along the path will provide an additional protection to your planting areas. A small water fall, stone statues or wood carvings can create centerpieces for your small tropical garden. Layer the plants from the small flowering areas or small plants along the walkway to tall plants positioned along the walls, that will mask the stone walls or the side of your house. This cozy tropical landscape can be installed on the side of your house for an improved outdoor aspect, increasing your home value.

But since creating a tropical landscape is not the easiest thing we highly recommend calling experts to do it. Aside of the landscaping itself, the entire activity takes into account lots of details, including the backyard dimensions, your house’s design as well as other technical details that are crucial when considering a tropical landscape.

At the same time, you must be aware of the fact that there are plenty of risks regarding the tropical landscape. This is why you should always pay lot of attention to the colleting but also to the way plants are grouped and this is why is almost crucial to hire an experienced company to do all of this for you. Opt for our services and our experts will help you find the best solution in order to get the perfect tropical or any other landscape design.

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